Queen of the Nile


There’s always a joke that’s just waiting to happen amongst New York based gay men, where they respond to any homoerotic behaviour from straight guys with the catchphrase “oh I see it ain’t only Cleopatra who’s the queen of denial’. Well, that’s nothing to do with this review that’s all about the brilliant new slot game from Aristocrats Leisure (we know you thought there was a joke in there somewhere, but we side stepped it beautifully) Queen of the Nile, which is currently setting online casino audiences alight all over the world.


When it comes to the basic mechanics of Queen of the Nile, Cleopatra slot fans will be very familiar with the workings. However, taking a quick side step to look at the graphics and audio, this is very classy slot game that mixes conventional slots styles and sounds with some of the very best new ideas going. It has a very atmospheric sound track, but has FX that could come out of the 1970s. The graphics too are bold and colourful, almost like a pub fruity, but the animation is bouncy, alive and very realistic.

There are twenty pay-lines available on the Queen of the Nile, which plays over a standard five reel format. You can use the special Queen of the Nile symbol (which looks very much like the standard Cleopatra symbol from similar titles) as the game’s wild multiplier, which has the effect of doubling the value of every win it appears in conjunction with. If you’re lucky enough to hit two of these symbols then you’ll quadruple your prize. There’s also the bonus activation symbol, the pyramid. Simply scatter in three or more of these symbols and you’ll get entry into the free spin bonus round where you’ll receive fifteen free spins with all wins trebled for the duration of the round.

Queen of the Nile also features a simple double or nothing gamble game that’s played at fifty/fifty odds. Most slot jockeys who know a thing or two about modern games will be instantly familiar with this game that’s played with a deck of cards. Successfully guess the colour of the next ace drawn from the deck (all the cards are aces apparently) and you’ll double your money, or if you can guess the suit of the next ace correctly you can quadruple your money. This is a great feature that allows you to boost all your small wins into big prizes.

Why You Should Play Queen of the Nile Slot Machine

Queen of the Nile is a very well put together Cleopatra clone. The guys at Aristocrats Leisure have clearly done their homework and looked at what’s lacking from the current batch of games. Yes, we’ll agree that the bolting on of a little gamble game action isn’t the most innovative of ideas ever, but this is the only slot game in the entire series to offer this feature. Each of the Cleopatra games clearly offers you a slight tweak on the original formula, which allows you to select a game that really suits your playing style, so for those players out there who always like to take that double or nothing spin on every win they get, they can now get a slice of this kind of action with their Cleopatra style game with the superb Queen of the Nile slot.

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Reels 5

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