Cleopatra’s Chest Bingo


Cleopatra’s chest is known as a bingo slot, and it’s not really one of the more complicated slot games available, so it’s probably more suited to the beginner or novice slot jockey. However, there is one feature on this Egyptian themed slot that really could drag you seasoned slot game pros into playing a few spins, and that’s the progressive jackpot.


Play Cleopatra’s Chest Slot

The Cleopatra’s Chest online slot features the standard Ancient Egyptian reel symbols that make up most of the art on the Cleopatra slots. You’ve got a few poker card symbols alongside the motifs of religion that we all know to associate with Ancient Egypt. The reel animation is adequate and the sound is just about passable, so you can thank Osiris for the on/off button on your speaker for those long periods of play.

Cleopatra’s Chest’s base game is presented in the standard five reel format with fifteen pay-lines symmetrically placed over the fifteen stop spaces in view. This is an easy arrangement on the eye and will be one familiar to players of all levels of slot games.

Why You should play Cleopatras chest

As we said, the big attraction of the Cleopatra’s Chest online slot is the progressive jackpot. This big prize seeds at £10,000, which some seasoned slot machine addicts may argue makes it much more obtainable than the big Megajackpots prizes. The real bonus about this progressive slot jackpots is that unlike the big progressive slot jackpots, this jackpot does not require you to bet at the maximum level to win part of it. If you bet any stake less than a pound on this slot game, then the amount of pennies you play can be translated into the percentage of the slot game progressive jackpot you’ll receive. This is a lovely feature and really has been well thought-out; making what could have been a pretty average slot a very interesting slot game proposition.

Reels 5
Paylines 15
Jackpot Progressive 10000

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