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The Cleopatra Slot machine is possibly the most popular slot game in casino history, since the invention of the first slot game over a hundred years ago. The key to Cleopatra’s charm is her simplicity, with the game utilizing the most common slot game format of today; a five reel, twenty win line structure. Bet size is variable, as with most slot machines today, and you can bet one to five coins on any of the lines, as this slot game features a customisable grid of lines, so you can select the exact lines you want to bet on.

Cleopatra Slot Game Symbols

This slot machine is of course littered with the markings of Ancient Egypt and every-time you spin Cleopatra’s reels the lady comes alive the hieroglyphics and the symbols of regal power. The graphics are wonderfully lush, suggestive of the lavish riches this queen has the power to bestow upon her loyal subjects. As you’d expect with the world’s most popular slot game, no expense has been spared on the audio either and you can hear the devotion that’s gone into the development, as the sounds spell out the wins when they roll in.


The Scarab

The Scarab is the six legged beetle symbol and it means re-birth. This symbol has become the crab of the zodiac in recent times.



The Ankh is a hieroglyphic picture of a sandal-strap. It therefore is said to mean a journey, and that journey is supposed to be life. The Ankh is a symbol of life and thus has enjoyed popularity in our modern western world, finding its way onto some modern jewellery.



The Sphinx is often pictured as a lion with a man’s head. The original purpose of the sphinx is not known and many people believe that there is a secret chamber inside the Sphinx with a lost treasure of knowledge. Historians however think that the Sphinx was set up to be some kind of temple guardian.


Eye of Horus

Horus was a sun god, equivalent to a hawk. The Eye of Horus was said to work on two levels, being both a ward from evil spirits and a symbol of good luck.


Flail and Sceptre

Both the Flail and the Sceptre are symbols of political authority and ruler-ship within the Ancient Egyptian culture. The Sceptre came long before the Flail, which appeared in the later centuries of the Egyptian civilization.


The Stele

The Stele is quite simply a flat piece of stone with characters or hieroglyphs carved into it. These could be used for a number of purposes, but were most commonly found either as grave markers or markers for the boundaries of territories.


Playing Cleopatra Slot

As we’ve said Cleopatra runs on simplicity, and the simplest slot machine bonus game is the Free Spin game. Don’t think for a moment however that because the game is simple is doesn’t know how to pay. Stop in those three Sphinx symbols anywhere in view and you’ll find yourself transported to the specially enhanced Free Spin reels where all wins pay treble. You’ve got the option to re-activate this brilliant bonus from within the Free Spin game, giving you a chance to rack up a massive one hundred and eighty Free Spins.

The ancient queen of yore isn’t just for show either, as the Cleopatra symbol on this slot machine gives the game its wild symbol, which can take the place of any other symbol whilst also doubling the amount you get for that combination. When you put these two facets of the Cleopatra slot together, you can imagine the prizes chalking up as your Free Spins stop in win combinations featuring the Cleopatra wild multiplier.

Cleopatra Slot Video


We’ve come up with some of the best Cleopatra slot strategy tips during our many sessions playing this awesome game, so we thought it would be cruel not to share these with you. Yes, there is always a random element to every spin on the machine, but there are definitely certain techniques that you can employ to make sure that you ramp up your winning chances. Here is our very best advice to give you that slight edge on Cleopatra that only comes with many hours of fun spinning this awesome Egyptian themed slot’s reels.

Manage your bankroll effectively. You don’t have to risk everything in the pot on a single death or glory session on Cleopatra. A more sedate strategy where you only use a portion of your total cash to spin the reels can be more effective. Realise that you’re going to come out of some sessions up and some sessions down. Choose a level of cash that you’re happy to win or happy to lose and when you reach this amount take a break from the reels.

Whilst we’ve advocated an incremental stake strategy for Cleopatra II, we don’t think you have to worry about employing such a technique with the original Cleopatra machine. In this game you’ve got a really good chance of hitting a good winner on every single spin of the machine, so keep your stake consistent throughout and make sure that you’ve adjusted your spin cost to allow for a long, relaxed and enjoyable session at the reels. There’s nothing worse than blowing all your dough on a small number of spins – remember that action and fun is sometimes more enjoyable than winning.

Finally, if you want to get a handle on Cleopatra and you’ve never played this machine before, then don’t be afraid to give it a good old going over on free-play mode where you can find out what the features and game-play mechanisms are all about on this machine. It’s even enjoyable when just played as a straight computer game, so what are you waiting for?

Why You Should Play Cleopatra Slot Machine

Although Cleopatra is a popular slot, it’s not a pyramid scheme to turn casino slot owners into cash pharaohs. The wins here are very achievable without you having to slave away under the hot sun while all your coins dessert you. Cleopatra has enjoyed an amazing run of success, as the game is so accessible to both novices and experienced slot game pros alike. So why don’t you see what the big attraction is and take Cleopatra slot for a spin today?

Software IGT
Reels 5
Paylines 20
Jackpot 10000 coin jackpot

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