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Cleopatra is without a doubt one of the most popular slot machines on the planet. You just have to walk down an isle of any slot game arcade, pool hall or gaming centre to see this slot machine. Why is it so popular? Basically, we think its success is down to the fact that this slot game is so simple; it’s accessible to every level of slot player out there. So what did the developers do when they discovered their slot game was so popular? They went out on a limb and came up with the fantastic idea of a sequel and so now we have theCleopatra II slot machine.

 Cleopatra 2 Slot Game

To all extents and purposes the Cleopatra II slot plays a lot like her sister machine, the original Cleopatra slot. The game sits on five reels with twenty pay-lines and you can select the amount of pay-lines you bet on with this slot game, from one to twenty in five line sections. The graphics are opulent and extravagant, featuring reel symbols covered in gold and jewels, together with a background that’s adorned with the signs of Ancient Egypt. The audio is also first class with this slot machine, as the Ancient Queen herself, Cleopatra, welcomes you into the game when you first load up this excellent slot game. Sound isn’t used sparingly on the main slot game either, as all the wins and actions on this slot machine have a noise attached to them, reminiscent of how we imagine music to have been in Ancient Egypt.

Cleopatra 2 Slot Symbols

Ancient Egypt is all about the symbols and hieroglyphs and you’ve got plenty of those with the Cleopatra II slot game. As with all slot machines, Cleopatra II has her share of special symbols. Firstly, there’s the Cleopatra II symbol itself, which is not only a Wild symbol, but will also double any winning combination you achieve featuring it. The Sphinx symbol forms this slot machine’s scatter, and will take you into the brilliant Cleopatra II bonus game.

Cleopatra 2 Slot Video

Cleopatra 2 Strategy

Whilst some people claim that you should just hit spin on a slot and hope for the best, is there actually a Cleopatra II slot strategy that can be used to maximise your winnings from the reels. We’ve been playing this awesome sequel machine for a number of years now and we like to think that we’ve come up with a few pointers that can help you streamline your activity during any gaming session to up your chances of walking away with a big winner. Whilst we always say that slots should be played for fun, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to come out up.

An important part of your Cleopatra II slot machine strategy should be investigating this machine on free-play. The money on this game is more heavily stacked in favour of the bonus game than in the original, making it essential that you fine tune your spin stake in accordance with your bankroll to ensure that you manage to get into this big paying feature. Through free-play you can get a feel for the frequency of the feature which will then allow you to create a cash strategy for real money play.

Once you have an idea of the bonus game activation frequency in Cleopatra II, you may like to use what’s known in the trade as an incremental stake strategy. As you power through your spins, one school of thought says that you slowly become more likely to hit the bonus feature. Hence you should start betting small and then every ten or fifteen spins increase your stake by a set amount. This means that when you do hit the bonus you’ll be playing at a good level where you can win back your total spend on the machine thus far and a good slice more too.

Finally you should always make sure that you enjoy yourself whilst playing Cleopatra II. Even though some people might say this is not a real Cleopatra II slot strategy, it does help remind you that you’re playing for fun. Take time to look at the results of each spin and see how close you were to getting a winner – or if you do hit a good combination the reels then equally pause for a moment to enjoy the glory. There are few slots that are as good as this game and any session on it should always be a real experience.

Cleopatra 2 Slot Bonus Game

The bonus game on the Cleopatra II slot is an excellent Free Spin game that’s evolved just a little from the original slot game bonus. When you stop in three of the game’s Sphinx scatter symbols you’ll be given three boxes to chose from, each containing a different number of Free Spins. Once this has been selected, off you go to the slot game’s sub screen where you play out the Free Spins. Every time you take a Free Spin on this bonus screen, your prize multiplier will also go up, giving you the chance to take away a big chunk of this slot machine’s riches.

Why You Should Play Cleopatra Slot Machine

Cleopatra II is now one of the world’s most popular online slots and can be found in many casino slot arcades. It’s simply a great evolution from the original machine with just enough tweak to make it unique, whilst still not losing the flavour of the great original slot machine. If you’ve never played one of the Cleopatra slot games we’d suggest that you try one out today, and stop calling yourself a slot game player until you have!


Software IGT
Reels 5
Paylines 20
Jackpot 10000 coin jackpot

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