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There are many products out there on the market that celebrate the Ancient Queen of Egypt, Cleopatra. The most obvious are the book, and there are many written both on Cleo’s history and the romantic legend of her affair with Mark Anthony. We’d suggest that Amazon is probably always the best place to buy books, and these are some of the best Cleopatra titles they have on offer.

Firstly, the famous working of the Cleopatra tale, ‘Anthony and Cleopatra’ by William Shakespeare is available in many, many forms. Click here to view some of the titles available on Amazon.

Charlton Heston’s classic 1972 re-working of the Shakespeare ‘Antony and Cleopatra’ script has not been released (at this time) on DVD, however the Hollywood blockbuster version of the Cleopatra tale is available, starring Elizabeth Taylor in all her opulent glory.

And if you’re into the film then you’ll also be into the pictures and posters from this cinematic classic, which can be purchased here.

Of course, why study Cleopatra when you can be Cleopatra? There are a host of shops on the web where you can purchase Cleopatra outfits so that you can go to that fancy dress party (or even just a normal night out if you’re feeling daring) dressed as the Ancient Queen. Our pick of fancy dress outfitters on the Internet, with the best value costumes, is

If you’d like something based in the UK however we can recommend Abfab as a good place to get your Cleo garb.

For everything else Cleopatra, from thongs and t-shirts, mugs and masks, we’ve found a very nice little shopthat sells just about anything you could imagine with a Cleopatra twist.

Finally, we’d like to end on something a little different, so if you like the idea of a musical, funky Cleopatra, then look no further than Canadian funk artist, Cleopatra. She’s been making music since an early age and looks the part, so if you’re looking for a far out way to celebrate your love of the Egyptian Queen you might want to try rocking out with this lady.

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